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The activity of our company involves the realization and/or replacement of industrial electric systems of every level and power through the following phases:

  • Base planning: different solutions for the realization of the systems are proposed to the customer.
  • Detailed planning: all the detailed documentation for the realization of the system is carried out, included the coordination check of the cable protections and sections.
  • Carrying out of power and automation boards with or without PLC in all the necessary or
    required dimensions and protective measures.
  • Test in workshop according to the laws in force (all the boards are produced with CE trademark).
  • Systems realization in category 0 and 1 (low tension) and in category 2 (medium voltage).
  • Test of the systems realized according to our own internal methods or with the criteria required by the customer. The test is supported by certified equipment and qualified technicians.
  • The updating of the plan documentation and drawing up of the conformity certification. Moreover the customer is followed during all the matters concerning the electric systems (earth system homologation, writing up and delivery of the forms regarding the atmospherics and electric systems in dangerous places -A and C models).
  • Periodic checks of the systems such as MT/BT cabins and boards maintenance.

FURTHERMORE: As for pre-existent systems, our structure and our ten-year experience allow us to carry out replacements or new systems in hours and periods chosen by the customer (both as for power boards and automation with contact logic or with PLC). We are also able to realize programmed maintenance forms concerning internal and external electrical plants, so that the customer has not to engage in the internal maintenance.